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ADS re-accreditation training

ADS re-accreditation training

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02 Oct 2018

The re-accreditation training for Sample Collection Personnel (SCP) of Anti Doping Singapore (ADS) was conducted on 22 Sept 2018.  The SCP includes all Doping Control Officers (DCOs), Chaperones and Blood Collection Officers. ADS conducts re-accreditation biennially and in between conducts a workshop for SCPs to provide up-to-date information and provides an avenue for sharing on various anti-doping topics.

The session started with an opening speech by Ms Yeo Say Po, General Manager, ADS who thanked the SCP for their contribution over the years and shared information regarding the number of  tests done, results, as well as, future programs.

In the next segment, the IDCOs shared their experiences at Major events such as the Winter Paralympics, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. This was followed by a sharing by Director-General, SEARADO who covered observation points of DCOs at the Winter Paralympics and pointers on conducting tests on athletes with impairments. Similarly, ADS also provided their observation of conduct, processes and learning points to the SCP throughout the past years.

The SCP were also given an insight on the whole TUE process.

The final session of the re-accreditation training was a practical session involving notification (various scenarios were given for DCOs and Chaperones), as well as, doping control processing for DCOs.

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