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Outreach Program for Asian Games 2018

Outreach Program for Asian Games 2018


31 Aug 2018

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) promotes a social awareness campaign that aims to familiarize audiences with clean sport messages. In the Asian Games 2018, Mr Atus Thongdee from Thailand has attended his first Outreach Program. We had a short question and answer session with him to find out more about his experience through participating in this program.

Question: What is the main purpose of the Outreach?

Atus: The main purpose of the outreach is to promote the value of the “Play True” message: Sport without Doping. We did it through directly interacting and understanding the athletes, coaches, officials and other support personnel associated with the sport. The outreach served as a form of communication as well as providing information pertaining to anti-doping.


Question: Who are the members of the Outreach?

Atus: In the Asian games, Two teams were in charge of the Outreach booths – One group in the 1st half of the games, the other group in 2nd half. There are 6 of us (including me) at the Asian Games Athlete Outreach Team 1:

  • Stacy Spletzer, Senior Manager, Athlete relations and communications, WADA. She is the team manager.
  • Yuko Otaki, Coordinator, WADA Asia/Oceania Regional Office
  • Saparmammet Durdyyev, Directory General of Turkmenistan National Anti-Doping Agency
  • Nima Gyeltshen, Director of Bhutan Anti-Doping Committee
  • Tsend-Ayush Tsooj, Mongolian National Anti-Doping Organisation
  •  and lastly myself, Atus Thongdee, Doping Control Authority of Thailand

Question: What are your daily responsibilities?

Atus: After opening the booth, we invited the athletes to participate in the activity. The athletes will attempt a PlayTrue Quiz, which would test on their knowledge and understanding of anti-doping. Only after they obtain a minimum score of 8/10, they will win a pair of “Play True” slippers. Then, they would make a pledge to clean sport by signing their name, country and sport on the board.


Question: How did you think the athletes and support personnel feel after participating in the activity/program?

Atus: I think the athletes were very happy and delighted to be able to participate in the activity. They also gained a greater understanding about anti-doping.


Question: What were the learning points from your experience in the Outreach?

Atus: I understood the importance of teamwork in an Outreach program, that a team needs to gel and work together towards a common goal.


Question: Do you think there are ideas that you can implement in your country? If so, what will they be?

Atus: Yes definitely. It gave me ideas as to how to I can implement this in a much more simpler manner – activities that will interest the athletes during a games outreach. It also gave me ideas on the prizes that can be given out. Lastly it also gave me an insight as to the qualities required of an Outreach staff.



Last but not least, here is a video clip of his experience in the Outreach program. Do take a look!

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