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Athletes’ Anti-Doping Rights Act

The Athletes’ Anti-Doping Rights Act, previously known as the Anti-Doping Charter of Athlete Rights, was developed by WADA’s Athlete Committee in consultation with thousands of athletes and stakeholders worldwide.

It is based on the 2021 Code and Standards and aims to ensure that athlete rights within anti-doping are clearly set out, accessible, and universally applicable.

The Act is made up of two parts. Part 1 sets out rights that are found in the Code and International Standards. Part 2 sets out recommended Athlete rights. These are not found in the Code or International Standards but are rights that Athletes recommend that Anti-Doping Organisations adopt for best practice.

Part 1:

  1. Equality of opportunity
  2. Equitable and fair Testing programs
  3. Medical treatment and protection of health rights
  4. Right to justice
  5. Right to accountability
  6. Whistleblower rights
  7. Right to Education
  8. Right to data protection
  9. Rights to compensation
  10. Protected Persons Rights
  11. Rights during a Sample Collection Session
  12. Right to B Sample analysis
  13. Other rights and freedoms not affected
  14. Application and standing

Part 2:

  1. Right to an anti-doping system free from corruption
  2. Right to participate in governance and decision-making
  3. Right to legal aid

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